A retired gentleman met a local girl...

A hidden story of a hidden Alley....

Every city kid has their own secret playground, and any story can happen in that very alley way.

This film The Alley Diary: Zhoumei  captures the change of a small neighborhood, Zhoumei, which has been affected by gentrification. 

The story

It follows a retired man, Lao Zhou, who sets out on a trip to visit his hometown Zhoumei, after receiving a phone call from his old friend about demolition plans of their Elementary School.

Once he arrives, Lao Zhou meets a young girl who grew up in Zhoumei. Although 20 years apart, they manage to develop an intimate bond sharing memories of their hometown. Something changes in Lao Zhou. When he finally realizes that not only his Elementary school will vanish, but the entire Zhoumei neighborhood, will he have time to capture and savor every last sight?


More details

Enjoy the film, and learn more about the beautiful nooks and crannies of Taiwan. 

This film is planned to be released online in June 2019. Learn more about the film.

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