Why do the "a-tok-ás " 阿兜仔 love Taiwan?

Why do the "a-tok-ás " 阿兜仔 love Taiwan?






In 1950s, some kids from U.S. came to Taiwan with their parents. They stayed in Taiwan for few years or more , and most of them went back to U.S. before 18 years old.

Decades later, these "kids" are no longer kids and they have their own kids too. They started their own family in the U.S. but they all miss the place they once used to stay in the childhood, where they call "home" Taiwan.

That's why they all come back to Taiwan, been waiting for over 40 years.

If you live in Taiwan, let's take a look at this island thru their eyes again.

If you once lived in Taiwan, find out the memories of Taiwan we shared when we were young.